A bit of a letdown

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I went into the First Mistake with no real knowledge of the plot. I assumed by the way that it was marketed and the plot of the Other Woman, that it was a domestic thriller, and I was partially right.

This book confused me so much. I had the hardest time keeping track of who was speaking and what year it was. The first few chapters really dragged for me, and by the time I was interested, I felt completely lost.

The characters also really annoyed me. Alice, arguably the protagonist, I went back and forth on. She was sympathetic but dumb, really, really dumb. She was too dumb, all things considered. And Beth, her best friend, just drove me crazy. She was not only the epitome of dumb but also of rude, and I had zero sympathy for her the entire book.

The First Mistake was definitely a quick read for me, but it lacked the substance or shock value that would have made it quality.