Extraordinary Teen Superhero Story

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The Extraordinaries is a perfect read for someone looking for an action-packed, uplifting story to get immersed in for a while. Escaping to Nova City with Nick and his friends was just what I needed to get away from how heavy the real world feels right now. What I loved most about this novel is how authentic all the characters felt: Nick, the protaganist fanboy who obsesses over Nova City's superheroes, has ADHD and as this story is written from his perspective, I was in awe of how well TJ Klune captured Nick's thought processes. I wish a novel like this that celebrates neurodiversity and queer characters existed when I was a teenager. The Extraordinaries truly has it all: an exciting story about superheroes, a coming-of-age tale exploring the awkwardness of starting to find yourself during your teen years, some mild romance and angst, and lots of laughs. I am so excited that there will be a sequel and am counting down the days until we get to revist Nova City!