Relevant for our times; a call to action for the climate crisis

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There is a relevance and an importance to this novel's existence. Some have called it a call to action story regarding climate change. I feel that description is somewhat fitting as we see the power of industrialization and its ability to destroy parts of our earthly landscape. We also catch a glimpse into a harrowing future that depicts widespread drought and almost nonexistent access to water.

But what we don't see is any real change being enacted by the characters. There is little hope to gain from a novel like this. Luck play a large role in the ending. But perhaps that is what this story is about; telling us all that luck is all we have left when it comes to climate change.

The writing was thought provoking, full of vivid depictions of the setting. And the stark contrast between Signe's POV and her experience with nature to that of David's and his, really made for some impactful storytelling.

I did enjoy this one. It was a slower paced read. So if you are looking for something quick, on the edge of your seat, this one might not be it for you. But if you are someone who enjoys a thoughtful story about relevant issues we face today, I think you will enjoy this one. The character development is minimalist in nature. But I think it works because it points out that humans are no longer the most significant factor in a story where the earth ceases to function as a hospitable home.