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Great concept

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The End of the Ocean-
A worldwide drought has occurred. Signe is on a boat with a huge supply of ice in 2017. She's taking it to her former lover, Magnus, who helped dry up the water of her former homeland because she wants to save her world.
David and his daughter, Lou, in 2041 escape with their lives from a fire in their town. They lose their wife/mother and son/brother when they have to abandon everything they know. They find a camp of others that have fled their homelands that have been ravaged by the drought and wait for Anna to return.
They find Signe's boat and are soon about to discover what she set out to do before the drought dried it all up.
I was on Signe's side... On the side of right, of not wanting people to suffer from lack of water. David is such a good, caring dad and I loved the bond he has with his daughter.