Unique Socially Relevant Premise!

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David Arnold’s post apocalyptic thriller kept me engaged all the way through! The novel follows Nico, the survivor of a deadly virus that has ravaged mankind. The interesting (and socially relevant) premise drew me in. I thought the unreliable narrator gave the book an unique aspect. The protagonist, Nico, was deeply complex and well written. As I read, I wanted to know more and more about her. The ending was bittersweet, but satisfying. It was definitely a philosophical and character-driven read. I also through it was an different choice for the author to include these parallel timelines.
Although, the act of reading the words on the page was not as entertaining. I found the novel overall to be a bit dry and felt a slightly bored. I would consider this book to be one of which you would consider objectively great—but only after it has finished.