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The Author sure knows Hiw to Write

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The Author, David Arnold sure knows how to write. I feel as if I’ve been part of another dimension, that has a looping roller coaster that never seems to stop. All the while the story has you completely vested & intrigued but your hanging on to the anticipation of that final loop. That final loop that ties it all together, all loose strings are tied up & all questions answered. I love premise of what brought the end of the world and the complex dystopian world building that the Author created. His writing had you seeing & feeling the environment around our protagonists. You could feel their breath, fear & almost read their thoughts. You really connect to the characters & the stories they tell and feel as if you are now a part of their group & can almost feel the loss of separation. Author Arnold has given The Electric Kingdom that certain something that a book needs that will keep you talking about, discussing & contemplating for days, weeks and years to come. This is only the beginning for Mr. David Arnold and I cannot wait to see what’s in store.
The post-apocalyptic future set in 2043 all begins with the Fly Flu. And with that, the survivors that somehow did not succumb to the insufferable illness feel they are being called elsewhere, where there may be a community of survivors like themselves where they can live or a magic portal. Being alone is scary & on the way they meet others that have places they are traveling to and so they decide to walk together. Slowly they form a bond & the feelings of companionship recreate a family unit. They experience many moments good & bad along the way which all evolve to lead them exactly where they were meant to be. As I was surprised by the mind bending role of the Deliverer that kept them alive & ultimately you will find has a deeper connection and role in this story. I appreciate every single detail & description as it kept me absorbed & not wanting it to end.