Sadly DNF

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I wanted to be into this book because it sounded so spot on with the world as it is right now. Sadly I tried picking this book up several times and I just couldn't get invested in the story. The beginning of the story just drags on and couldn't capture my attention. I might try and pick it up again later this year and see if I can get through it because I wanted so much to like this and everyones reviews makes me think that I should give it another try. Based on other reviews it is apparently a great novel if you like post-apocalyptic YA, which I do. I went into this story super excited based on the cover and premise of the book but just couldn't get there with it once I started reading. I know that it is the type of book that I enjoy and I am grateful to have been sent an ARC to give an honest review of the book. Honestly I would like to give it a try again later on but until then I am going to have to say that it just wasn't for me at this point.