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Fantastic and Horrifying

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David Arnold's writing is beautiful, and I quickly devoured the first 75 pages (of the 420 pages). At that point, I hit a particularly gruesome event at a gas station which was horrifying. I needed to set the book down, and from that point I didn't really want to come back to it. I eventually did. I have to say that while this book is well-written and really interesting, it's not the book for me.

One thing that continued to bother me is that this book is being advertised for grades 7th and up. I am a 7th grade teacher, and The Electric Kingdom would not be appropriate in my classroom. This is due to the language, violence, and implicit rape. I think it should be advertised as YA or even NA.

I saw a lot of comparisons to Station Eleven (which I loved) and few connections to the Fifth Wave, but I also so a lot of similarities to The 5th Season by N.K. Jemison. I think this book is appropriate for high school students (and up) that can stomach a little more gruesome violence.