Wasn't a Fan

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The Echo Wife was the choice for my in-person book club. Based on the description, a woman's husband is cheating on her with her clone and then he is murdered, we thought it would be a good choice.

Sadly, it was another book that did not live up to expectations. Even though it is labelled as a domestic thriller, it doesn't necessarily read as one. This one is partly on me for wanting The Echo Wife to be something it wasn't.

There are long stretches of time where not a lot is happening because the characters are waiting for the next step in their plan. The characters are not very likable so it made these parts feel even longer.

There is a pretty good twist towards the end that kept my interest. However, everything wraps up a little too neatly for the mess that is the rest of the book.

Overall, a quick read but needed a more satisfying ending for the characters.