Really enjoyed it!

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This book was unlike any domestic thriller I have ever read! It was definitely a page turner! I loved and hated Evelyn. The author did a great job making Evelyn a character you could empathize with and yet at the same time make you want to pull your hair out at her absurdity at times.
I very much enjoyed the friendship that was built between Evelyn and Martine. Evelyn wanted to dislike her because she was the other woman but she obviously found that to be challenging since she was just like her in so many ways.
The ending was very unpredictable. I didn’t know how they were going to deal with this new Nathan. I thought it was a great plot twist.
The only thing I would like to understand more is how Martine was able to get pregnant.
Other than that I think the story was wonderful. I loved how the author ended the book with Evelyn and Martine’s agreement. I would recommend this to all of my thriller friends!