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I have been processing this one for a bit in hopes of getting my thoughts together for release day. I am still processing. Just whoa. If you like domestic thrillers and sci-fi and just shake your head weird than this is definitely your kind of read. It was totally my kind of read too.

This novel not only keeps you wondering what will happen next but it comes with so many moral debates too. Cloning has always been an intriguing topic and I tend to gravitate towards books that have this as a premise. Gailey did an exceptional job bringing together the scientific, the morally grey, and the thought provoking 'what the hell did I just read' factor.

I had read about half of the novel before I heard Macmillan Audio had the advanced listener copy available and I couldn't resist hearing how Xe Sands would bring Evelyn and Martine to life. It was perfection. Sands voice for Evelyn had the dry, very observatory tone I imagined in my head. The almost clinical and emotionless persona of someone locking away all emotions to just get through. Martine came off as the programmed Stepford wife bouncing around in my imagination and I just fell in love with her progression into someone fighting to be more. To be seen as real... alive. Shun the programming. I just loved this character dynamic and the utter craziness these two go through. Talk about something to bond over. For me, the audio added a whole other connectable level to the story for me.

Whether you grab the audio or the physical copy I do not think you'll be disappointed if you like this genre. The beginning is slow, there is technical jargon that can seem weighty and pushing into the psyche of Evelyn, I personally found difficult at times. It is all worth it though. Gailey is REALLY going to make you think with this one!

Thank you Tor Books and MacMillan Audio for the opportunity to read and listen to this novel in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.