I was constantly on the edge of my seat

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I loved this! Sci-fi thrillers tend to be some of my favorite thrillers because I love the what if of it all - what if we could clone people? What if there were parallel universes? What if we could time travel? and this gave us and answered a what if and it was chilling. It jumped right into the action, another thing I love from my thrillers, which is especially good given that it’s kind of short, I wouldn’t have wanted to wait on the action. The way that the women chose to deal with their problem had me shook, but I loved all of it, it was intense and pulled me right in.

The characters were complex, morally gray, bordering on terrible, but oh, so human, even when they weren’t. Evelyn has created clones to use a disposable tools, to harvest parts, to act as body doubles for short periods. But they are not human, throwaway, and then she meets her own clone.