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Evelyn Caldwell’s husband Nathan has been having an affair — with Evelyn Caldwell. Or, to be exact, with Martine, a genetically cloned replica made from Evelyn’s own award-winning research. 
But that wasn’t even the worst part.

Pick up if you: loved the movie Ex Machina, are looking to dip into the world of sci fi and feel a little overwhelmed, love a good revenge plot

Sarah Gailey's MAGIC FOR LIARS was a huge hit for me in 2019, and I was thrilled to pick up their latest novel. THE ECHO WIFE is an entertaining, fast-paced novel that asks interesting questions about the humanity (or lack of) in human clones. 

I appreciated THE ECHO WIFE for the quick, plot-driven novel that it was. If you're new to sci fi, this would be a good dip into a world that's not so far removed from ours. Watching Evelyn grapple over her relationship with Martine was one of the most interesting aspects. Is she her friend, with an emotional investment? Or her creator, with a scientifically cold approach? The exploration of whether human-like clones are sentient beings themselves or simply scientific experiments brought up some intriguing questions as well.

THE ECHO WIFE, while it didn't totally wow me, was exciting, entertaining, and brought to life some interesting ethical dilemmas worth exploring.