Deliciously dark sci-fi thriller!

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I will never grow tired of cloning stories. Never ever ever. There’s something so alluring, yet so sinister in the idea that something breathing and aware and alive can be replicated. Science has already made cloning possible with sheep and pets and animals and it makes you wonder if somewhere out there, possibly even walking among us, is there already a cloned human?

Sarah Gailey explores cloning in this sci-fi thriller, taking every frightening aspect and making it a reality. But what sets this tale apart from others in the same vein is not only does she manage to make human cloning feel like a very real possibility, but she partners that with a fantastic exploration into female standards and expectations and what happens when a male is responsible for reprogramming the female brain. The Echo Wife is a cloning tale with a feminist twist and I loved every page.

Everything about this story hit so many high notes for me, especially the characters and the sciency squicky bits, and at no point did the science or the technology seem over the top or completely fabricated, which I think lent itself to the realistic feel. And that realistic feeling is what made me love this book so much because it made it seem that much more frightening. Because let’s face it — cloning is a very frightening thing. My only complaint was the pacing. In parts, it really seemed to drag, so much so that I wasn’t itching to pick the book back up. But I’m so very glad I did because this little gem is one of my favorites for this year.

The Echo Wife is definitely a book I’ll recommend again and again and again. If you’re a fan of cloning and science fiction with a feminist twist, give this book a try. Or even if you aren’t, still give this book a try.

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