The Dream Daughter

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My daughter gets frustrated when I guess how a story will end. The summary often gives away most of the plot, and it’s typically easy to guess how a story might play out. At first, I thought The Dream Daughter would be that way. It seems quite clear from the first few chapters. Keep reading, though, friends. I learned through this book that author Diane Chamberlain has a few tricks up her sleeve. This is a book not to be missed!

The first few chapters reminded me of the joy of motherhood, and the anxiety I felt when sitting in the doctor’s office waiting for tests or scans. Both of my pregnancies were high-risk, and there were times when I wasn’t sure God would pull a miracle out for me. What a blessing that both of my babies were healthy and well. Not every mama gets to have that experience.

So, again, this book reminded me of the depth of my love for my children. It was so different than I expected, yet fulfilled the needs of my heart. A surprising book is such a gift!

I received a free book from the publisher. Opinions shared are mine.