Absolutely Riveting

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I was intrigued by the description of The Dream Daughter but once I got into the book I was riveted. I am not into science fiction type novels but the time travel ribbon in this was so believable and the development of characters so well done I couldn't put it down.

My heart wrenched for Carley, first her double grief over losing her husband and then finding out her baby would not survive. I soared when a solution was offered, plunged when complications interfered, leaped again as an answer came and then shocked when the results were anything but what was supposed to happen. Chamberlain did a masterful job mixing comparing and mixing the cultures of the different time elements.

Along the way Carley's grit and determination, as well as her adaptability, was inspiring. And then the ending - wow. The decision that had to be made, the waiting for something only Carley knew was coming and the final reunion - I was exhausted but completely satisfied after reading this great Diane Chamberlain novel.