Unique and magical

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5 stars for this unique, thoughtful and magical read.

“Imagine that you could gather the people you’ve loved- dead or alive – at one table, for one night, with a chance to heal yourself once and for all.”

This book magically made its way into my hands and into my heart. I had initially passed on this book and said it just wasn’t for me. A dinner party with Audrey Hepburn? Seemed a tad silly to me. Oh friends, I could not have been more wrong.

I arrived home from the lake this summer to find that the kind people @flatironbooks had sent me an early copy. A few days later I noticed it was an August BOTM choice. Hmmm, was I meant to read this book, that I had so casually passed on?

This is a story about love, loss, and forgiveness. Over the course (pun intended wink wink) of the evening we learn the significance of each of the dinner attendees. The story alternates between the dinner party and flashbacks as Sabrina learns how to deal with the pains of the past. Audrey Hepburn plays just a small part but I found her character very endearing. Even days later I find myself thinking about this book. My tears have dried but I hold a special place in my book heart for this tale.

I continue to be blown away by novels outside of my comfort zone and I am LOVING it!! Sometimes we need that extra nudge to read a book and when it works out in our favor, its pure magic.