Loved it

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I loved this book. I loved, loved, loved. I was a crying mess at the end.

I love the premise of it and it got me thinking...If you could have anybody at a dinner, who would you pick? Would you pick political figures, family, friends, dead or living? And how would that dinner go, as they helped you to reflect on the experiences that shaped you? I think thinking about those things really got me to be a crying mess at the end, especially with the ending.

I think this is a premise that we all should think about....our experiences shape us into who we are and the author captured that perfectly. This is one book that I will be keeping and not passing along. I enjoyed the author's writing style--descriptive but not flowery or too full of adjectives. I highly recommend this book and will look forward to other books that this author puts out. Just make sure to grab some tissue!