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my first book of rivers solomon and it did not disappoint! the premise itself is breath taking. I read it for that itself and I thought it was just so unique and amazing that everyone should read it for that reason alone too.

The writing is great too and very intricate so even though the book itself is not that long I did find myself having to read it a few times over and over. Eventually, i. did switch over to an audio book so i recommend going that route too if you're a fan of audio books too. i don't know if i understood the story as well as i shoul'dve but that just calls for a re read in the future perhaps. i look forward to see what solomon has next in regards to coming out with new books.

i'm very picky with science fiction but this was well done, interesting premise, written nicely, and i do like that it was not so long too. novellas sometimes are very surprising.