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"An Unkindness of Ghosts" was the first book I read for the Transathon in July 2020. I listened to the audiobook and fell in love with Rivers Solomon's writing style, world building, character development, and general use of language. I quickly added "The Deep" to my wishlist. I made it two whole weeks before deciding that I couldn't wait any longer to treat myself to a copy.

If you follow me on social media you will know that I loved "The Deep". I couldn't read it in one sitting because of other commitments but nonetheless, I read it whenever I had chance. I started it with breakfast in the courtyard and finished it before dinner in the lounge.

In their afterword, clipping. describe "The Deep" as the product of a game of whispers. It started with the true, tragic history of pregnant people stolen from Africa and intentionally thrown into the ocean on the way to being sold as slaves. This contributed to the mythology of Drexciya, which inspired clipping. to write the song "The Deep", which inspired Rivers Solomon to write this book. Listening to this music and reading clipping.'s afterword definitely helped to flesh out the world in which Solomon's story is set.

I can't say much more than the blurb about the plot of The Deep without spoilers. But know that it is a beautifully told story of learning to heal from trauma and loss, as well as learning to appreciate the importance of cultural history. There is some sapphic romance in there too, and the Wajinru do not have a binary construct of sex or gender.