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Interesting tale

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I'm giving this a 3.5
This book (and the song) is based on something in African slave trading that I knew nothing about. It was common practice when slavers were traveling the ocean to throw overboard women who were pregnant.
Now what if these women were able to give birth to a new species? Ones that could breath underwater?
Yetu is called a Historian. She holds all the memories of her people. This is so all others can forget the past horrors and only falls on one.... The Historian. Once a year, the Historian shares the memories with her people. This gets to Yetu and as her people are remembering, she flees. She goes to the surface and discovers a bit of where her people came from. But will the guilt be too much for Yetu.... For abandoning her people?
Check out this book and the song of the same name by the group clipping.