I disliked this alot

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"The Deep" by Rivers Solomon follows Yetu a mermaid who bears the memories for her people who are descendants of African slaved women who were thrown overboard based off Daveed Diggs song The Deep who runs away because these memories who she holds are destroying her where she learns a lot for herself and her people.

I would give The Deep by Rivers Solomon a One Star review because,1; even though it was written beautifully and poetic the story just didn't make sense to me 2; I kind of wish that this book was longer 3; when I finished this book, I felt so confused that I had to reread it and still did not understand 4; as a lover of mermaids and someone who believes in the supernatural I did like that aspect of this book but 5; I just couldn't understand how the main character couldn't see the importance of her role and then just throws it away to me her role was important.