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I received a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! In no way does this affect my rating or review.

DNFing at 59%

I haven’t DNF’d a book in a while. Not that I DNF a lot of books, but I’ve really tried to muscle through reads that I don’t really enjoy for whichever reason to give a full and honest opinion. With The Deep, I couldn’t do it for a few reasons.

First off, it falls into a genre that I simply don’t read or review per personal preference. To no fault of it’s own, I felt that my opinion on this read wouldn’t be perhaps, beneficial for others who do regularly read this genre.

Second, I had a very hard time with the main character. Yetu is incredibly difficult to relate to, and, in my opinion, doesn’t really have much of a character/personality. She does some things, feels a bit, and…that’s about it. I did not feel myself engaged with her story, whatsoever, which was a huge disappointment.

The origins of the wajinru are incredibly creative–merfolk originating from babies in the womb of African slaves thrown overboard at sea. The execution, however, doesn’t lead anywhere. I read over half of this story and the only thing that really happened was Yetu running away from her responsibilities. While yes, she feared for her health, but she refrained from confronting the others in her pod with her concerns. Instead, she chose to run away from her problems, and for the most part, forget the others. A few times afterwards, she mentions that the others would still be stuck in the Remembrance–a ritual that Yetu is in charge of bestowing on the wajinru so that they may remember their origins. Eventually, she would take the memories back and harbor them until the next Remembrance would take place. Her indifference towards the others being locked in their memories doesn’t affect her and she only thinks for herself.

Overall, this read wasn’t one for me. However, I don’t feel that I would have enjoyed it much if I had continued reading to the end. Seeing how very little actually occurred over halfway into this short novel, I just didn’t see much coming from it in the end.

Since this is a DNF read, I will not be assigning a star-review.