Deep Water Confusion

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I loved the premise of this, souls of slaves who died cast overboard slave ships who turn into mermaids who make a connection with African Americans on land. I was also drawn in by the wonderful reviews and the short length of the book.
There are many wonderful things to love about this one. The depiction of the mermaid and the tradition of one mermaid to bare the haunting memories of lost souls was beautifully described. The world of the mermaids was beautifully described. The destruction that would devastate the community was palpable.
I loved the relationship that formed between the mermaid who dared to choose her own path versus the painful one chosen for her and the land character who also walked her own path. The scenes where they learned about the others world and began in to form a friendship turn romantic was subtle and beautifully told.
I found the pacing of this slow, no real plot and for a short book, this dragged.