A mermaid take on the slave trade

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This one just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t really get into the writing, and I wasn’t a fan of the “rules” for the world-building.

The concept was awesome, and I thought it was somewhat well executed, but I just hated how everything was just “possible”. The mermaid people are able to learn the human languages very easily (it does take time which I appreciate, but it still seemed a little too easy given the circumstances). Also, they’re able to basically decide if they can breathe on land and water. And they’re able to choose to “remember”. Most of them don’t remember their people’s history, but are able to basically think hard with some guidance and experience the memories. I kept reminding myself that this is fantasy novel and most likely using metaphors for the slave trade which the book is based around, but I just couldn’t get over how there seemed to be limited if no limits.

Also, since I had some issues with the writing style (which is a me issue), it’s possible that all of this was better explained and I was just too stupid to really get it.

Overall, with the writing style, the limited dialogue, the “we” vernacular, and the limitless abilities, I wasn’t a huge fan of this one.

I think this book definitely has an audience and I was one of the few who didn’t enjoy it.