Not the ending I expected

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The Davenports by Krystal Marquis. This book is a historical novel set in 1910 Chicago. It covers a period of history that very few Americans know anything about, including myself. the davenports were a very wealthy, wealthy Black family. Mr. Davenport was born a slave and, after he was freed, later opened a carriage company. It was wildly successful. He and his wife had three children. The parents wanted the best of everything for their children. The parents shielded them from the dangerous aspects of activism and racism. John, the oldest, was being trained to run the company, but his father refused to consider his idea of manufacturing “horseless carriages.” Olivia was the dutiful, obedient daughter, while the youngest Helen was a rebel. The only thing she wanted to do was work on cars, which he father would not allow. Ruby, Olivia’s best friend, comes from a no longer wealthy family. Her father is aiming to be the first Black mayor of Chicago and desperately needs the support of the Davenports. Because of the Davenports’ wealth, they have access to high society, both white and Black. I was surprised by the racism toward mixed people and the inequality among the Blacks socially. The ending was completely unexpected and somewhat unsatisfying. All of the Davenport children fall madly in love, but ultimately choose parental approval and money over love. The only one who is courageous is Ruby, but she only has her parents approval to lose. The book certainly kept my interest though I was hoping for a different outcome.