An important historical fiction novel

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The Davenports is a novel set during the early 1900s. This is a very important novel; readers see how life was for black people as they integrate themselves in the world post-slavery. Readers are also thrust into the world of the upper class blacks and how removed they are from the middle class.

Don't get me wrong- at it's heart, The Davenports is a romance novel. But it's the growth (or stagnancy) of the romances due to socioeconomical status of each character. There was a realness to each relationship, whether familial or romantic.

But ultimately this novel is also a deep look at how white history isn't the only history there is. And that is the most real part of it. There were moments that I'm sure many black readers could connect with more than myself.

I cannot wait for the sequel as we did leave off with a bit of a cliffhanger. So here's hoping that it can live up to its predecessor!