A Surprise Ending

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I couldn't wait to read this book. I wasn't disappointed. Awesome.
The four girls (Olivia, Helen, Ruby & Amy-Rose), became my friends. The author, Krystal Marquis, has a way of writing that draws in the reader with great characters, I actually liked them all; and each with their own distinct personality.
I had so much fun with the "merry-go-round" of who wants to date who. And who really were the men?; John, Washington, Harrison & Jacob, all had their own agendas.
The dialog was great, mixed in with thoughts, makes it real.
When the story starts out with the yellow material that Olivia buys, somehow I knew that it will come back to the story. (Nothing is wasted). It was fun to read about the yellow material finding a new home. That made me smile.
It was easy to read about the girls as each one had their own chapter and because of their different personalities it was easy to keep track of.
Some people may not like the book, because it is an easy going read, but that's why I liked it.