A Great YA Read

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So I have seen a lot of reviews online comparing this book to "Bridgerton" and honestly, I kind of don't think it's very much like that at all unless you simply cling to the idea of people of color falling in love. However, the original book series that Julia Quinn based her books on were not alternate history (as far as I know) and were very much your stereotypical Austenesque Regency romance. That is why in my opinion, "The Davenports" is a great YA read because it does historical romance with people of color as its own original idea.

Based on the real story of Frederick Patterson, the first African American to own and operate a car manufacturing company, "The Davenports" tells the story of two fictional daughters of his, Olivia and Helen, as well as two family friends, Amy-Rose and Ruby, and how their romantic interest intertwine in 1900s Chicago. What I find refreshing is that while there is a definite reference to the issues each of these young women face in terms of race, sex, and even class in some cases, it's not the all-encompassing focus of the story as most literature concerning POC are. Rather, it's a story of how these women find happiness and romance despite these barriers and come into their own.

If you are looking for some light fun with a little seriousness thrown in, I would say "The Davenports" would likely be up your alley.