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WOW! That was amazing!

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I read all of the Lux series books, and I was sooo wanting to continue in the amazing world that Jennifer created in those books, and this is beyond perfect for that! I am so excited that she has began this series, and from what I previewed, it is living up to the hype I felt when I heard about it! The character is already amazing, Evie, and her last name is a hint to a character in the Lux series. That’s something I love about Jennifer’s writing, she leaves Easter eggs all over the place, sometimes she’ll explain them a bit for those who don’t remember, but seriously it’s awesome! Not to mention the pop ups of characters that have already occurred so I far from the previous series. I can’t wait to keep reading this book, it’s enthralled me already, only on the 8th chapter! There is uncertainty and mystery lying upon the story so far, setting up for a wild adventure into the story of Evie and Luc :)