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I will be the first to admit that books about aliens aren't really my jam, but having read this book I might just have to re-evaluate that. I went into this book without having read the Lux series, of which this book and its subsequent works follow after. Now that I have read The Darkest Star, I'm incredibly eager to dive into the Lux world and discover more about our friends from another planet.

I was impressed that the author made it easy to understand the history and relationships between humans and the Luxen without making the reader feel like they missed out on some key info from the original series. Luc was equal parts charming and annoyingly smug (as any good YA love interest is) and Evie, although having some (arguably deserved) pity party moments, didn't come across as a helpless damsel in distress and I admired her fiery personality. Can't wait to read the next one!