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Honestly I knew I would love this book as soon as I saw the author, Jennifer Armentrout wrote the Lux books, another series about aliens, and I loved them! Katy and Daemon were a match made in intergalactic space love, and I didn't even realized I wanted a follow-up series until I got it.
I love how the book is set four years after the end of the original series because it showed us the long term aftermath that the invasion from the Lux series caused. I was a big fan of the writing style obviously if I loved her other books so much, and the plot had a lot of nice twists and cliffhangers to keep me reading. I will have to say that I totally knew where it was going as soon as Luc started referencing Evie in the past tense like he knew her before, but I had no clue literally all of her friends were in on the conspiracy basically.
I loved seeing Luc as a man instead of the all knowing fourteen year-old he was in the Lux series, and I must say he wears his age well (in my reader's eye anyway).
Definitely a Must Read whether you've read the Lux series or not, but I recommend Lux solely because that backstory makes The Darkest Star fifty thousand times better.
I cannot wait for the sequel in October but until then I'll be wiping my tears with my green stuffed alien doll.