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The Return of the Luxen

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This book was just as addicting as the original series. Anyway, I was supposed to be reviewing the book, well... as I was reading–got hooked on the first few pages– I was making up theories about who the character was based on in the Lux Series since he was an Original. Some of my theories were crushed the second I read the next few sentences, though some succeeded to become actual words on the novel. The book was not that all predictable, but there were some times where the plot twists weren't as shocking. That said, there were a lot of plot twists that all interconnect in a complex way. I loved being back into this paranormal world, it was all just familiar yet some information that had been left out of the previous books.

Now that all the good aspects have been said, every book has its bad elements. The things that I found lacking and sort of confusing was the writing, some sentences were great and flowed very well, but others were just simply bland and kind off felt fanfiction-y. There were some grammatical errors here and there, but also some sentences that did not make sense at all–like they didn't fit into that paragraph and then showed up with context a page later. The other part I found that was poorly written was the last third of the book because it went by really fast but not in the way of action-packed that made the book fell like it's going at a great pace. It actually cut some scenes when anything got exciting or had fight scenes, the scenes ended with everything being fine and like nothing had happened. There were a lot of blackouts that seemed unnecessary and it just looked like the author did not want to bother to write the other half of those scenes. The ending was very rushed and everybody was somehow happy and faked normal (like aliens had not just tried to kill them or anything ??)

I know what I just said sounds bad, but I genuinely enjoyed the book. it had its ups and downs, but every book does. I could have just gone on and on about what I loved, but I wanted to review the book critically, so everything had to come out.