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OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH. THIS WAS AMAZING! All the stars for the best Luxen & Hybrids out there. I’ve been dying for a new story in the Lux world ever since I binge read the Lux series back in 2015 (& continued to reread them every year since then), & let me tell you, Jennifer L. Armentrout did not disappoint whatsoever with this spin off series based off of one of the side characters in Lux. This story revolved around Luc, all grown up & better than ever. I was really worried I wouldn’t learn to love him or his story with Evie, but oh my gosh, it was so, so good. I read it in one night (what is sleep?) & I’m dying for details on the second installment.

Everything I loved:

✧☽ The characters & OH MY GOSH THE BANTER:

In TDS, we’re reintroduced to some old characters & we meet new ones. When we first met Luc in Lux, he was really young but in here, it follows him all grown up… & HE IS AMAZING! Luc is a side character you basically wished he got a spin off series, & I’m so glad he did. He is hilarious, charming, & an evil mastermind. His character grew so much, alongside Evie, who is the point of view of the story. My favorite part of the book is definitely when Daemon & Archer showed up, I really, really, missed those two. Their banter is hilarious & they constantly brought a smile to my face. While I did enjoy seeing my old babies again, I also was super excited to meet the new characters. They’ve easily become favorites. Also, Evie & Luc’s relationship is just so adorable, they deserve the best.
But like can we appreciate this quote from Daemon? “I’m just an innocent, enraptured viewer of this.” Like holy alien babies, we know Daemon is the least innocent person out there & oh my gosh my heart is heavy. :’)

✧☽ The writing & plot:

Jennifer never fails to amaze me. Her writing is always simple but so alluring to the point where I literally cannot put her books down. The Darkest Star was no different. It was set at just the perfect pace & the way she pulls you in, literally will make you not want to put the book down. The way she set up the plot & story was brilliant, & the plot twist….. It was so good. She dived deeper into the hybrid world, rather than the lux one, & it was really refreshing to learn some new things about them. She revealed just the right amount of information, but leaving us wanting for more.

I really don’t know how I’ll handle the wait for the next installment. After that ending, I’m still a little overwhelmed & I need more Luc & Evie & Daemon…