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So Addictive!

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If you loved the Lux series, you'll absolutely adore The Darkest Star! Its been a couple of years, but it was so easy to just fall back into the Lux universe and be swept away by Armentrout's writing. There is just something about it that is so easy and smooth, making the plot and characters easy to fall for.

When I first heard about this spin-off series, I was thrilled to return to the Lux universe... but if I'm being completely honest, I could only vaguely remember Luc. I know that sounds bad, but he just never captured my attention the way other characters in the series did.

But, boy, has that changed.

I can now confirm that I absolutely adore Luc, as well as the wonderful Evie. I became so hooked on them that I couldn't help but stay up late into the night just to finish the book to see where this story would take them. Now that I'm finished, I'm already itching to re-read it just to take it all in again.

Though I did love this new edition to the Lux universe, I do feel the need to point out that it did read a bit like the prologue to a bigger story. Events transpired and certain secrets were revealed, but only to set up the real juicy stuff that comes later. Because of this, the story may appear uneventful to some readers. However, as a fan, I was hooked every second of the way and am shaking in anticipation of book two.

All in all, its good to be back.