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Out of This World

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This book starts about 4 years after where Opposition ends off. Luc is all grown up now, he’s still doing illegal shit and being a little shit, but we love him. From what we knew of Luc he was a bit of a brat who liked getting his way and this book really expanded on his character and we saw into why he may have done a lot of what he did.

The story starts off by introducing us to a character named Evie. Evie is completely normal, her father died in the fight against the alien invasion, or so she thinks. One night at a nightclub upends everything.

Luc and Evie meet in a bundle of confusion that makes no sense until you get to the second half of the book, or earlier if you’re really good at guessing.

The Darkest Star was so much more than I expected it to be. Obsidian was the first book I ever reviewed (don’t bother trying to find the review, it’s private until I get around to editing it) which goes to show how much I loved it. It was the first book on my mind when I decided I wanted to review books and to say it was my favorite book by Jennifer L. Armentrout would have been accurate. However, after having read The Darkest Star I have to say I think TDS has stolen the crown.

I’ll always love me some Daemon, but Luc has found a new place in my heart. I have a strong feeling he’s gonna be at the top of my Top 10 Book Boyfriends of 2018 list later this year.

Speaking of Daemon, I wish there had been a bit more of the original crew in this one. We got a few hilarious Daemon cameos, and we did see Archer once, but other than that we didn’t see much of anyone else. Kat and Dee were mentioned, but that’s it. I need more! Also, I really feel like I need to reread the Lux series and then read The Darkest Star again so everything is cohesive and fresh in my mind. I would highly suggest rereading the Lux books if you have time to because there is some stuff that is mentioned that you might not remember as well.

Also, side note, Opposition came out four years ago. FOUR! Do you feel old yet because I do.