New book, familiar world

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New books in worlds I loved always make me nervous, but luckily "The Darkest Star" expands the world we already know and love without taking anything away from the previous books. This book features Luc, who we know from the previous series, and a new character, Evie. Evie is drawn to Luxen and goes to a club where they typically mingle when she meets Luc- in a not-so-great way. As they then continue to run into each other, Evie cannot deny the attraction that is growing.

However, Evie is beginning to learn that there is more to her family than she originally thought, and her mother has been keeping secrets from her. As she unravels the web of what is true and what is not and learns more about Luc, there are plenty of feels, swoons, and action/adventure that keep the book moving quickly.

This book was a great new story that happens to take place in a world we already know. I really enjoyed the book. While I do think it's helpful to have the background of the previous series, I do not think it's necessary to enjoy this new one. I highly recommend to fans of YA sci-fi/romance, and I am really looking forward to rest of this new series!