My first look at Luxen...

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I received an ARC from Bookishfirsts to read and share my opinion.

This book was decidedly YA and just a bit on the cheesy side.... I didn't really know what I was stepping into as I read this book and the book was OK,...but it just didn't grab me. I had not read any of the LUXEN series, and I'm not sure I want to. This was one of those books that started out great and then it just fell apart for me. Luc was kind of an JERK at first, given his origin status as he is not a Luxen. Evie was not the best female lead for a story, book portrayed her as human and weak.

So what did I like? Evie and Luc do finally get around to having chemistry but its lukewarm and nonexistent at first. Some parts of the story I didn't even get but maybe if I had read the Luxen series I might have been ok. So just a warning, if you haven't read it then this book may not be for you. Luc is mercurial....

Would I buy this book? No.... it just wasn't for me. Not that I don't like aliens or paranormal stuff but because the author's writing didn't really appeal to me. I would not recommend this book either.

Thoughts for the author? Nothing without major I'll just say nothing. :)