My Aliens Are BACK!!!!

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~His shirt read NO DRAMA LLAMA. That shirt was a lie. This boy was all about the drama llama.~

I don't know why I haven't reviewed this book yet but it's AMAZING! I mean it's about Luc, and by Luc I mean THE Luc! And he's all grown up now! Which coming from J. L. Armentrout means he is freaking hot!

~“A Luxen didn’t kiss you, Evie.” His lips brushed mine. “But neither did a human.”~

I have to say, all her characters have something in common, when you read about them, even the pattern in he books can kind of be similar, bu in this case, I was surprised, genuinely surprised, because she actually twisted the story the way that I didn't see coming and it was AWESOME! It was fresh, it was new and most importantly it was interesting and unpredictable. I mean the clues were given, and you will figure out stuff from the beginning, but still, you will be thrown back for a second.

~“You speak a word about what you saw today to anyone, you’ll be endangering innocent people—friends, family, strangers,” he whispered. “I won’t hurt you. Ever. The rest won’t be so lucky.”~

And you know whom we get to see in the book?! YES! Damon and my one and only ARCHER!!! And I need more of them *giving side-eye to Jen* I REALLY need more of him and Dee. Thy need their own story!

~Luc lingered close, too close, his cheek just touching mine. “Here’s something you don’t remember and Sylvia couldn’t have known.” A heartbeat passed. “You were my first kiss.”
I gasped.
“Granted, we were kids, so it wasn’t much of a kiss.” He drew back, the bridge of his nose dragging over my cheek. “It was my favorite kiss.”~

However, besides our original characters we also get introduced to new ones and they are so fun! I am looking forward seeing them in the future, and I hope the future is close by.

~“If I had to do it all over, I would. Without a fucking doubt, I would do it again, because the only other option would be that you wouldn’t be standing in front of me—pissed off, but breathing. Alive and so damn beautiful that it sometimes kills me a little each time I look at you.”~

It will be amazing if the next book was about someone else and not Luc and Evie. I would love them to be one of the lead characters of course but the main one can be someone else, I think that will be interesting to read, also the story will develop through different POVs.