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This is spin-off series of the Lux series by Jennifer L Armentrout. This book is set in a world where aliens are real and alongside humans and everyone knows about them. But that doesn't mean everyone trusts them.

Evie meets one of 'them', an alien called Luc. But there is something strange about him, just not in the sense that he is powerful but there is something more.

From the very start, we are pulled to this world, and slowly Jenn begins to show us what this world is like; aliens treated as if they are threats even though there are worse people out in the world.

The story captivated me, and I could not put this book down, and all those unexpected twists and turns!!

This definitely books for the paranormal lovers, and if you loved the lux series then you need this!! You may even get a lil sneak peek of Daemon <3