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Loved every second!

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4.5 stars rounded up.

I liked this book a lot! I was surprised how much. JLA does Paranormal Romance so well. It's been a long time since I read a PNR that I've enjoyed as much as this. Reading the previous Lux series and knowing those characters (especially Luc) heightened my enjoyment of this book, but it's not a requirement to read this new companion series. I was so worried I wouldn't like Evie for Luc, because of some things in his past, but I did so much. These two have great chemistry and are going to be a good match. This book has some great swoon and crackling tension, as well as friendships - loved all of Evie's friends - and danger with a mystery to solve.

more to come

Love Triangle Factor: none
Cliffhanger Scale: low. Definitely set up and hints for what is to come but ends in a "settled for now" place.