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I liked this book. It met all of my expectations and then some. I had been waiting for this book for a really long time and I was not disappointed with it. I have read many Jennifer L. Armentrout books in the past and she just gets better and better.
When I first heard that Luc's story was going to be released, I was overjoyed. Luc played a major role in the original series and he always intrigued me. He never seemed like his age and everything that he did shocked me. At times, he was even my favorite character. I was so excited to find out what happened to him after Opposition ended and I went into this book with a lot of excitement. Luc was even better in this book than I remembered. His snark always had me laughing and the banter between him and Evie had me rolling on the floor.
I liked Evie. She was a good character to follow. Though, there were a few times when she would make decisions that I did not agree with. Sometimes, she would rush into things head first and wouldn't think about the consequences for her actions which was annoying to me. That didn't take away from my overall enjoyment though.