I liked it, but you benefit if you read Lux first

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Interesting story. So I read this book first on November 30, 2018. I liked it so I thought I would give the earlier Lux books a try. Admittedly, I didn’t like books 1 and most of 2 but starting getting into it with book 3. By books 4 and 5 they really turned a corner for me and most all my issues were gone and I really liked the series. So, with that, I decided to reread this book just a week later and am so glad I did! All the characters are so much more meaningful with the history and I loved seeing glimpses of Daemon, Archer and others. I recommend reading the Lux series from the beginning, and don’t give up, push through and you will be glad you did. With that said, this could be the beginning of a strong second series set in the same world as the first.