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Fantastic new story in the Lux series.

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Seventeen-year old Evie Dasher and her friend Heidi use their fake ID's to get into Foretoken; a club known as an unmonitored Luxen hang out. Not all the Lux came in peace and many of them are not team human. Evie knows how beautiful, powerful, and extremely dangerous the Lux can be…her father, Sergeant Jason Dasher, was killed by one during the war. When the club gets raided, Evie is rescued by Luc, a beautiful but infuriating guy, whom she presumes is Luxen… but he is something much more powerful. Everything Evie thought she is knew is about to be turned upside down when she becomes the target of a killer. Luc is determined to save her but the only way he can is to expose the truth about their past and who Evie really is.

The Darkest Star is an exciting new YA sci-fi novel in the Lux series. I will say I have not read the Lux series yet but this story appears to have ties with Evie’s parents running the Daedalus project and Daemon returning as a secondary character. This novel focuses primarily on Luc and Evie, two people with a mysterious past who have a volatile but sexually charged attraction that may just leave you breathless. Without spoiling anything the novel does imply that something epic and malevolent is imminent for future novels. I loved Luc's character with his obsession for grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and his love for wearing comical novelty t-shirts. Kent is another favorite that I hope we will see more of as the series continues. The Darkest Star offers a fantastic cast of characters and an electrifying narrative sure to please fans of the Lux series…a must read for 2018.