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Devastatingly Spectacular

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For those you who have never read the Lux Series YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST. The Darkest Star was mindblowing and heartbreaking. It feels so good to be back in the Lux world. Armentrout's writing is thriving and rich from the being to end. Evie and Luc's story is so touching, I cried buckets of tears. As teenager Evie begins to discover the secrets and the world much beyond her normal life she knew is overwhelming and tragic. When she meets Luc she's stuck with a sense of trouble and that it's not going to leave anytime soon. Luc is PERFECT. I mean there is nothing about this boy that you cannot LOVE. Luc is powerful beyond anyone else and his character is powerful, adoring, and perfect. Their story is out of this world, literally. Thrilling, young love, and aliens. you've got to read it.