Brilliant as always

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Jennifer Armentrout has always been a genius and this latest story is another great addition to her line up.

After I finished the original Lux series I really wasn't ready to let these characters go so when it was announced we were getting a spin off I lost my mind! JLA does an amazing job with her characters and while the story is always amazing her characters are what sell her stories to me.

Luc is the main character in this series and I am so happy we get to see how his story will play out. I will say sometimes JLA's male characters can all be similar, but Luc stands out to me for some reason. He's snarky and self confident like the others, but in this story we get to see him have to make series decisions and not know if they are the right ones. It was fun to see him take control though and own those decisions.

I love being back in this world!