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A Great Addition to Lux Series

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The Darkest Star is a great read. I am so glad my friend Livia told me to read the whole Lux Series first and then The Darkest Star and so I did. This book takes place a few years after the last book, so time has gone by.
However, it started up right after Lux Series was over, and I just hope there is more to come of this Origin Series soon! I do not want to say too much, however this book tells of what happens to Luc, after the war of the Lux and the Arum on Earth six years before.
Luc is known as an Origin which is different from the Lux and Arum. This tells of what happens with Luc from then to now, and we get to see and know everything Luc had to do with all of this, and of the decisions he has had to make that affects his way of living now.
I enjoyed all of these books and am so glad I read them, so I will know what is going on in this series. There are so many plots going on, good and bad characters, great dialog and so many great characters as well.
I gave this book 5 brilliant stars!