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I loved this book. I had never read the series before but I was able to jump right in and be enveloped into the world.
Five years after the original Darkest Mind trilogy, little Zu has grown up and become a voice for Psi with I the new government. He speaks to a variety of groups assuring them that the government is treating them as real citizens instead of animals in a zoo. But Zu learns quickly, that people are still afraid of those with powers and that people like her are still being tormented.
I love the characters! Zu, Roman and PriaEach Psi trying to find their place in the world dealing with their pasts and how it will affect their future. Unraveling each story took time but kept the suspense up and didn't disappoint. There is a lot of action with some philosophy weaved in, but not enough to drag it down. I was rooting for them as they traveled across the country freeing those with powers and standing up for themselves.
The book explained almost enough to understand what was going on but left it vague enough that it didn't spoil too much of the original stories which now I want to read. I do wish there had been a little more explanation of the colored groups; because I hadn't read the other books this was the only place I was lost.
The story is self-contained but leaves bigger waves that I am hoping will be explored in further books. I really do want more stories!