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I liked it, but didn't love it

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This book is sooooo long!! Like 600 pages long.

While I LOVED the Darkest Minds trilogy, this one was definitely kind of a let down.
Zu is seventeen, living with Cate, trying to lead a normal life… but does such a thing exist anymore for Psi? She was asked to have a public speech, and not long after happened an attempt in the assassination of which she was accused. In order to save her life and clear her name, Zu has to travel with two new acquaintances, Roman, and Priyanka, who have a handful of secrets, and even more reasons to betray her.

I expected this to be better, because the other books were so good. I should have known it would be pretty different, considering it's a spin-off. While it was nice to read about some of the characters again, the plot of this book wasn't as good. Plus, the length of this book is so crazy long, that it feels dragged out.