fourth in a series I hadnt read!

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Thanks to Bookishfirsts for an ARC to read and give my humble opinion.

My first read in this series and I had no idea it was a series. Sometimes I just pick up a book because it looks good and this was one of those. I was hopelessly lost. This is the fourth book and there is no way to do this book justice because I had not read the first three in the series. I don't know how I missed that and I feel bad that I took this book from someone who maybe had read the first three. As it was the fourth book was not the place to pick up the series.
Zu is ambushed at a speaking conference and has to go on the run until she can clear her name. This book details her battles to clear her name and find her friends. Has some great world building and strong story lines but I was so bored. So I'm giving it a three star rating and bowing out